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Every Single One of Phil’s Amazing Philosophies in a Book … PHIL’S-OSOPHY

“When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life’ll be all like…what?!’”

Phil book

Season 4 of Modern Family was when things were really getting awesome. It’s also when we were introduced to Phil’s-osophy…

A hardbound collection of all the life lessons by Phil Dunphy.

I’ve included screenshots from the scene below with all of Phil’s-osophies, but here are a few of my favorites:

  • Always look people in the eye, even if they are blind. Just say “I’m looking you in the eye”.
  • If you get pulled over for speeding, tell the police officer your spouse has diarrhea.
  • Older black ladies make the best ice tea.

and here are the rest…


Which is your favorite? Have you tried creating your own Phil’s-osophy? Post it in the comments!

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